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About us


Service and repair work onboard your ship, at our workshop or at a shipyard, globally. 
24h / 7 days.
Marine Diesel Finland is specialized on Turn–Key service, Marine and Industrial engines and Maintenance of various diesel engines and propulsion systems.

Marine Diesel Finland is subsidiary of Wihuri Technical Trade.

Marine onboard engine maintenance, repair, installation and modernization:

- ALL engine manufacturers are serviced; high and medium speed engines
- Representing for JOHN DEERE POWER SYSTEMS engines, drivetrain componets and maintenance. 
- Spare part supply logistics

- Machinery evaluation and audit for condition
- Conservation work after engine room flooding or fire

Industrial engines sale, maintenance, repair, installation and modernization:

 John Deere engines and Drivetrain for Industrial use

- Spare part supply and service in close cooperation with Wihuri Technical Trade service network


Propulsion equipment maintenance, repair, installation and modernization:

- Reduction gears and clutch/couplings
- Propeller shaftlines, alignment and installation.
- Resin chock castings
- Shaft sealing works
- CP and FP propeller works
- Kobelco (KEMEL) seals and bearings representative in Finland for:

  •     Newbuilding and conversion project sales
  •     Repair and maintenance

Engine room auxiliary systems:

- Fire safety systems
- Other ship machinery systems

Rudders and rudder machinery:

- Rudder insulation and repair, rudder machinery and bearings alignment
- Also steerable thrusters, podded propulsors

Transverse thrusters:

- Thruster installations and maintenance work at dry dockings
- Work performed at sea, quayside


Subcontracting newbuilding shipyards in Finland:

- Commissioning and startup of systems
- Skilled personnel for ship system startup and commissioning work on newbuildings and re-engined ships
- Installation work when needed

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