Eteläkaari 10,  FI-21420 Lieto,  Finland      Tel. +358 20 510 6900

MDF Quality Policy and task

The developing and qualified service of Marine Diesel Finland is ensured by skilled and innovative personnel.

Our Quality Policy

Marine Diesel Finland Oy is the second largest company in Finland repairing, maintaining and installing onboard engines, equipment, with over 25 years experience.

MDF was established year 1992. And present number of employees is around  45 people, who are qualified to provide services for marine industry needs, globally.

MDF is a service and spare part company that grows steadily in terms of turnover and personnel. Activity in this international business is growing with our strong partners and our own activity.

Our values:
- Openness            
We engourage openness and honesty.

- Reliability
We are a fair and reliable partner.

- Innovativity
We respond to coming challenges by constantly developing our inhouse and external readiness.

- Profitability
Our aim is to always give the best possible outcome to our customer as well as ourselves.


  • Our Customers are ship owners in Finland and ships visiting ports, Finnish yards, repair yards and very important ABB Marine and Rolls-Royce Rauma.
  • Customer expectations and our promises are fulfilled. We follow customer needs, and react immediately if reclamations are issued.
  • Service and repair of CAT engines is an important share of our business, CAT spare part sales is important for us.
  • We aim to get new Customer outside Finland, growing market is there.

Our target is to be the most wanted partner for our customers and co-operating partners, and delivering most added value to our Customers, a binding partnership in this industry.

Our targets are:

  • To be a reliable supplier, we provide what is agreed time.
  • Superior availability of service persons any time of year, in e.g. Customer’s emergency case
  • Very wide skills in the marine industry
  • Recognized and well known CAT engine service
  • Skilled commissioning personell
  • We compete in the market by reliability, knowledge, delivery time, commitment and readiness to respond request in wanted time.